Menara Endowmen is UTM’s commitment to raise funds towards creating a vibrant knowledge culture and fertile intellectual ecosystem at the university. This effort is in line with the initiative of the Ministry of Education and the practise of renowned institution in fund raising for knowledge purpose.

Financial plan to collect the UTM endowment fund through sponsoring of selected premises in UTM. By channelling their contribution to UTM, individuals, organisations or companies can capture their names, images or brands at the premises in return for their contribution.

Established to raise funds to implement various knowledge and scholarly activities while giving opportunity to the society to contribute to uphold the institution of knowledge.

In line with the initiative of the Ministry of Education and the practice of renowned universities in fund raising.

Benefit of sponsorship

1. Eligible for tax relief
2. Brand, products and service promotion
3. Eligible to use UTM facilities with a special package
4. Able to conduct promotion at the sponsored premises with separate cost for corporate colour, logo or special counter
5. Special packages of advertising space: website, physical building and provided area.
Sponsorship Package
Category: Platinum, Gold, silver, Bronze, and Special Package

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