About UTM Endowment


The establishment of the Merdeka Endowment Fund in 2009 was the beginning of the Endowment in UTM with an initial fund of RM64 thousand. Since then, more than RM152.00 million ( Sept. 2023) have been collected and the contributions have been increasing steadily.

As part of the initiative, the Menara Endowmen is introduced as a concept whereby individuals, organisations or companies are invented to sponsor selected premises in UTM and in return, they are allowed to capture their names, images or brands at the premises as part of their marketing strategy.

UTM welcomes the contribution from all stakeholder including university staff, students, Alumni and individuals, corporate organisations and others from within and outside the country in making this effort a success in pursuit of scholarly activities in UTM and further promote knowledge culture among the community.

UTM Endowment Objectives :

  • Scholarship for Bachelor Degree for outstanding undergraduate students of UTM.
  • Sponsorship for Professorship Chair.
  • Publication of scientific materials.
  • Implementation of high impact programs to inculcate the knowledge culture in UTM.


Roles of Endowment Unit  


The UTM Endowment Unit is under the structure of the Advancement Division, Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Office (Development), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. This unit has 11 staff members led by the Director of Endowment, Deputy Director of UTM Kuala Lumpur Endowment, Deputy Registrar, Administrative Officer, Administrative Assistant (Administration & Operations), and Operations Assistant.



  1. Planning initiatives or activities that generate the UTM Endowment Fund.
  2. Planning the utilization of endowment funds (scholarships, professorial chairs, research, etc.).
  3. Implementing promotions and activities related to endowment fund generation.
  4. Managing finances for contributions, expenditures, and investments of endowment funds.
  5. Taking beneficial actions for contributors/donors to the Endowment Fund, such as naming spaces, laboratories, buildings, seminar rooms, lecture halls, student residences, and other assets.
  6. Managing the delivery of gratitude speeches to contributors/donors to the UTM Endowment Fund.
  7. Providing reports on the funds under Endowment responsibilities.


Committees under the UTM Endowment Unit:

  1. Endowment Trustees Committee
  2. Endowment Management Committee
  3. University Endowment Committee
  4. Iskandar Malaysia Chair Steering Committee @ UTM