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“Generosity is not measured by what we give, but by the impact it has on those who receive. In the art of giving, every donation is a brushstroke, creating a masterpiece of compassion and kindness that colors the world with hope.”

UTM Endowment Fund

UTM has initiated the endowment concept of the act of giving for scholarly deeds.

The objective of the UTM Endowment Fund is to provide scholarship, sponsorship, publication of scientific materials and also implementation of high impact programs to inculcate the knowlegde culture in UTM.


Menara Endowmen is UTM’s commitment to raise funds towards creating a vibrant knowledge culture and fertile intellectual ecosystem at the university. This effort is in line with the initiative of the Ministry of Education and the practise of renowned institution in fund raising for knowledge purpose.


Merdeka Endowment Fund is set up to fund various academic initiatives and activities in context of the University which will lead to the nation’s growth & UTM’s progress.


The Alumni Liasons Unit (UPA) is a unit in UTM whos is responsible as a middle party between the graduates & UTM. Their main responsibility is to maintain a continous relationship, professionally and socially, between the two sides.

Our Partners and Contributors


In 2016, Yayasan Azman Hashim has contributed RM30 Million to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for the purpose of offering scholarships as well as enhancing and expanding academia.

This fund also will help in the enhancement and development of academia in UTM.


In March 2013, Johor Port signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UTM for sponsorship of RM5 million to the UTM Endowment Fund, with which RM1 million was donated annually.

On 4 September 2019, Johor Port Berhad (Johor Port) presented a contribution of RM3 million to the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Endowment Fund 


The UTM Endowmen Endowment welcomes corporate as well as individual donors and sponsors.


Endowment Aid Division

Funds from UTM Endowment has helped our students in various forms.

Help us to help more students in need so they can afford food and better academic lives in UTM.

We share because we care.


Number of UTM Endowment Scholarships  Recipients

List of Endowment 2011-2023 Scholarships Recipients

Total : 780 recipients

Biasiswa Endowmen Merdeka

Biasiswa Endowmen Saripah Ahmad

Biasiswa Endowmen Azman Hashim

Biasiswa Endowmen Zainab Baba

Biasiswa Endowmen Al-Bukhary

Biasiswa Endowmen UTMAlumni

Biasiswa Endowmen Daing Abdul Rahman Daing Mohamad

Biasiswa Endowmen Hitam Abdullah

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