The Alumni Liasons Unit (UPA) is a unit in UTM whos is responsible as a middle party between the graduates & UTM. Their main responsibility is to maintain a continous relationship, professionally and socially, between the two sides. To achieve a continous relationship & to strengthen the network between the graduates & the University, UPA has plan various types of activities & programmes such as the Homecoming Alumni, Pre-Graduates Night (Malam Pra-Graduan), reunion sessions, survey on graduates tracebility & many more. By contributing to this fund, you are helping UPA & the University :
  1. 1) To provide financial assistant in the form of scholarship or study loan to needy students
  2. 2)  To provide research grants to research groups regarding alumni
  3. 3) To award elegible students the ”Anugerah Pingat Emas Alumni” during annual convocation
  4. 4)  To hold more programmes & activities to strenghen & widen the network so it can produce a win-win situation & beneficial to all
With its membership of 130,000 members so far, UPA believes that a strong relationship between the parties involved can contribute to elevate the excellence of the University & towards the betterment of the next generation of graduates as the tagline of UPA states : Alumni Pewaris Kepimpinan.