Merdeka Endowment

Originating from the idea of the Vice Cancellor of UTM following his success in becoming one of the recipients of The Merdeka Award 2009, Merdeka Endowment Fund is set up to fund various academic initiatives and activities in context of the University which will lead to the nation’s growth & UTM’s progress.

The initiatives and activities are :

  1. 1)     To hold events pertaining to promoting the knowledge culture such as Intellectual  Discussions & Public Lectures.
  2. 2)    The publication of academic materials
  3. 3)    To acquire reading materials such as books, journals, magazines
  4. 4)    To fund programmes on teaching & learning visitations
  5. 5)    To sponsor academic chairs
  6. 6)    To fund awards for UTM students & graduates
  7. 7)    To fund awards for UTM staff

  By donating to the Merdeka Endowment Fund, you will help the University in spreading the cultural knowledge in the campus. The culture as it is promoted in the 1 Malaysia initiative by the Prime Minister of Malaysia should be inculcated in the heart of every student & staff of UTM.